You Didn’t Get the Part.

…just the ones who aren’t worthy of being a part of the greatness that is my life.

That sounds incredibly cocky, I know. But it’s called self-care — choosing who will be in my life and who will not.

Not everyone is supposed to have a role in your life movie.

Not everyone will understand why I do what I do, and it’s not my job to try to make them understand. Not everyone is going to agree with my choices, my decisions, or my path.

“If I have ghosted you, and you’re mad, my bad. That’s on me. I unwittingly miscast you as one of the leading roles in my life movie when you were only supposed to have an non-speaking extra role.

Your moment is over. Take a bow. Exit stage right, please.”



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39 year-old — trying to figure out who she is and what in the F word she’s supposed to do with her life=)